Our products

Production House has standard solutions for all element types, but we are able to modify them just according to your project needs. You can take a look at the most common standard solutions below.



Exterior walls and facade elements

Facade creates the impression of the house, but also plays a great role in energy efficiency. We are able to use different finishes to facades from wood to plaster.

Interior walls

To ensure sufficient sound and fire proofing it is important to choose a right setup for the interior walls.

Ceiling elements

Choosing ceiling elements you should consider what kind of additional value can be brought in - like sound- and noise proofing as well as fire proofing.  


Roofing is the most important part of the building as it should fit to the surrounding environment, protect from the weather and the constructions should be breathable.


Floor elements are suitable to use for smaller buildings or when floors should be ventilated from below.